Sunday, July 26, 2015

The more intimate, Tom Cruise Ready to Marry His Personal Assistant?

After her divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is hardly reportedly had a special relationship with the woman. He was very busy with the production of his latest film, one of which is the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION.

But recent times has been widely rumored that says if Tom had been close to his personal assistant. The lucky lady is none other than the beauty Emily Thomas who is 22 years old.

Unclear as to what their true relationship, now it appears a new news is no less surprising. Reported by the Daily Mail, the handsome actor 53-year-old intends to immediately apply for Emily.

It is directly expressed by one source through an interview with the Star Magazine. There he revealed that Tom really fell in love with Emily.

Unfortunately, until the news was revealed, there has been no immediate response from the Tom and Emily related to rumors of their closeness. Both chose to remain silent and leaving the curiosity that is so great for the public and the media.

Well, previously had circulated the news if true Tom still can not move on from his ex-wife. Not without reason, the article turns her face was almost similar to Katie.

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