Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gosh, sanitary napkins Patricia Navidad Fall As Shown in Live Show Despierta America

An embarrassing incident had just experienced a beautiful and sexy singers from Mexico, Patricia Navidad. Unwittingly in the middle of performing in a live event TV show female sanitary napkins fall.

Reported, Friday (17/07/2015) at the time, Patricia was wearing a blue mini dress. As she was singing the song "Viva Mexico" on the morning show Univision's  "Despierta  America" (Wake Up America),  her sanitary napkins fell on the floor.

Although she knew that the her sanitary napkins fall. She continued her performance. She seemed to ignore the embarrassing incident. She just took the dressings which crashed shortly after singing.

Events experienced Patricia quickly spread to a number of social media and the subject of conversation the netizen or netter. Some netizens do not hesitate to write criticism related to the incident.

Meanwhile, responding to events that he experienced. Patricia through her Twitter account expresses "It is sad there are men who forget that they are here because of a woman and they are very offensive and vulgar in women. Women use pads ... my pads fell," her twit in Spanish.

Not only that, netizens even suspect Patricia had accidentally dropped the dressings to seek sensation. "I want to clarify that I have never and will never throw a napkin," said Patricia on the issue.

"Thank you, I love you," she went on to thank the fans who still support it. "This is not something that should embarrass or reviled."

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