Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kate Fretti : Marco Simoncelli's Girlfriend

A beautiful girl with a sexy red dress without sleeves looked very sorrowful, and she kept crying in the Marco Simoncelli paddock at the Sepang Circuit (10/23/2011). That woman named Kate Fretti, who was none other than Simoncelli girlfriend.

Kate Fretti name may not be famous before the deadly incident claimed the lives of MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli. But its status as a Simoncelli girlfriend inevitably make her name known throughout the universe now.

Kate became the most grieving than Simoncelli family course. How not, this beautiful girl to be a direct witness to the killing of the most loved.

Kate Fretti's dream had vanished. The plan is married to Marco Simoncelli disintegrated after the death of the lovers first meet in a deadly accident at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, on Sunday. Simoncelli designing Fretti and married a few months.

Fretti was in the paddock when Simoncelli crashed without a helmet on the track, then hit by a motorcycle fell over Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Heart-blooded Italian and Filipino women are despondent. "Say it is not true, say it is not true," she said as reported in

Fretti incessant tears. Simoncelli and Fretti love story began in 2006. Both also agreed to live together in a house in the town of Coriano, Province of Mantova, Italy. "She was a simple girl," so Simoncelli had praised her fiance.

Since then both are seen together.
Through the ups and downs together. Fretti faithful to encourage and accompany Simoncelli conquer the various trajectories of the world. Even in her spare time, take care Freeti personal Simoncelli website at the address

Maurizio Fretti, Fretti's father, said her daughter knew Simoncelli since five years ago. Fretti happy with Simoncelli. According to Maurizio, Fretti always go wherever Simoncelli competing.

"Yes, they plan to build a family. Sometimes my daughter to follow him [Simoncelli] where anything goes. She sometimes helped him as a staff and she was so pleased with the love life with Simoncelli," said Kate's father, Maurizio Fretti in Bergamo News some time ago .
Not just the two of them, the Fretti family also sometimes watch the race go to a solicitation Simoncelli. Even up to Barcelona. "My wife was very impressed with Simoncelli, sometimes we also feel scared watching races on television. The day my daughter already understands and knows his personality," he said.

"They've met five years ago in Riccione, he always came back here to Bagnatica by car. Although he was at the wheel racer but he very quietly with his BMW M3," he said.

Remains a distant memory now for five years both in a relationship. Kate himself finally spoke after he returned to Italy with her lover's body. Deep sorrow of his speech was clearly illustrated.

Grief family, and close people Simoncelli in the Sepang Circuit paddock clearly witnessed by Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa. Incidentally, during the incident, Pedrosa was a paddock with Simoncelli family.   
Pedrosa saw how Simoncelli families cry. His mother named Rosella, his father named Paolo, and Simoncelli girlfriend named Kate witnessed the tragedy that befell their people are very loved. They cried in an atmosphere of shock when Simoncelli brought to the medical center. Injury in the chest, head and neck so badly that he was not spared.

"I shared with her father and all grieving, we all could just cuddle, no one else could we do," said Pedrosa.

"Everyone in the paddock is still in a state of shock. Several times we have forgotten the dangers of sport this race, and when we lose someone we love is not all it's meaning. What is clear, we all do what we like, what we love , but in days like this so it does not mean everything, "said Pedrosa.

He added, "In a disaster like the tragedy that happened yesterday was not much to be said. I just want to give condolences to his family and also the people who loved him," said Pedrosa.

The audience is close to the scene also witnessed the tragedy stunned that makes Simoncelli motionless on the track. Teammate Pedrosa in Honda's Andrea Dovizioso rate rider Simoncelli is a formidable figure. "Marco is a formidable racer, he always tried hard. We've been racing together since we were little. I often saw him trying to maximum even though he felt fell a few times. But if the conditions are not being injured, he's hard to beat," said Dovizioso .

Simoncelli girlfriend, she turned her face to look gray when a loved one witnessed the accident. She then walked along the sand at the side of the motor garage. "I can not forget. All I can do all my life that feel this pain," she said in an interview with an Italian talk show, the Matrix.

"Today I want to go to our home, I want to try to tell him that he once told me to never be parted. But he's wrong ..." Kate went on.

Currently, Honda Gresini rider's body has been located in his hometown, Coriano, Rimini Province, Italy. The plan, Wednesday Simoncelli family will provide the opportunity for the fans to pay their respects before the funeral on Thursday.

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