Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raffaela Fico : Mario Balotelli's Girlfriend

Raffaella Fico was born January 29, 1988 in Cercola, Naples, Italy. Raffaella is a girl of humble origins, bursting with beauty, comes from a popular area in the province of Naples and is defined as self-confident. Despite being young is very ambitious, has the quite clear and always knows how to reach his goal. His motto is not by chance "veni, vidi, vici." In the summer of 2007 she was crowned Miss Grand Prix. She lives at home with his father and mother Antoinette Alfonso, owner of a small shop of fruit and vegetables and 22 years his brother Francis, with whom he often fights, although they are very close. 

She was stubborn, and with the people they know well is always trying to win. She likes living close to nature and often walks to give? Outdoors or pleasant outing with a few friends. Usually attends the party of his brother, while her friends tend to regard it as an obstacle in the relationship with the boys, "often do not involve me or keep me from because they are envious." Raffaella is currently single, has recently completed a story "- she says - has made me mature a lot," even though she believes that he never seriously in love with his life and the sorry lot. Her ideal man is older than her, dark, tall, sweet, not too jealous and especially not in all the favors. She loves music, but prefers to contemporary pop star Massimo Ranieri and Claudio Baglioni. It is a practicing Catholic and in the Big Brother house would bring with it a picture of Padre Pio and the crown of the rosary that he always tied to the wrist.

Raffaella Fico could not make its debut on the sly in the world of WAGs Italian bomb had hit the headlines by marketing her virginity in 2008 at the age of 20 years.

And to be quite certain to continue into indecency, she set her sights on a footballer, not just any course, a bad boy: Mario Balotelli, attacking the notoriously moody and regular antics off the pitch . The relationship between Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico is proven since the beginning of the summer, and the
couple is now in the crosshairs of the paparazzi.

Raffaella Fico that tells of having been with Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, but nobody ever really believed, now seems to have found his footballer who desired. The same Mario Balotelli has made of massacres of hearts between starlette of the small screen, so certainly not new to gossip.

Now with Raffaella Fico seems to do seriously, the two were caught during an afternoon of fun spent on rides and caresses and various effusions is understood that between the two was a flirt or a beginning of love story. Mario Balotelli very young and his stories of love maximum durations are not more than a week, bring it off this time Raffaella Fico to win the heart of the player?

Before leaving to join Inter Milan in the summer of 2010 and his former Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini, he had left a bad impression to last Nerazzurri supporters, is being challenge by excessive speed in the open in the middle of Milan's night in June 2010 (10 points in less than a hit on his license). Last bang of a saga punctuated by disiplinaires problems and incidents, like the time he put the shirt of hated rivals - AC Milan - on a TV set, or one where he threw his jersey at the half -Champions League final against Barcelona,
​​booed by the fans. To continue the football, he needed a change.

"Super Mario", which was adopted at age 3 years, left the boot for the country to the rose, but he took with him one of "pride" of Italy Raffaela Fico, young
model lingerie incendiary bomb of men's magazines, which had earned its reputation for selling her virginity in 2008 to 20 years for one million euros, after being revealed in the Italian Big Brother. Class through the kidneys, she told the magazine Chi: " I do not know at all what sex (...) If the man who buys my virginity is impure, it will go very quickly, I'll take a glass of wine and try not to think about. " Worse, family and friends served as his character witnesses, ensuring that the young woman was a devout Catholic praying every night that she had never had a boyfriend and she was a virgin.

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