Friday, July 01, 2011

Daniella Semaan : Newest Girlfriend's Cesc Fabregas

Daniella Semaan, 36, a mother-of-two, a son aged nine and an 11-year-old daughter. According to News of the World  was snapped sharing an intimate spot in the sun with Cesc Fabregas, 24, Arsenal Skipper in the South of France. 

An onlooker said: "They were laughing and giggling like kids. Cesc and Daniella obviously get on really well. "He looked relaxed and happy after a long hard season." 

Daniella also went jet-skiing along the coast with Fabregas , clinging tightly to his sunburnt torso.

Cesc sports a tattoo on the inside of his left forearm, which has the letter D inside a star, surrounded by Arabic lettering. Translated it says My Life D Forever. A friend said that the tattoo was a tribute to Daniella. "It was done to show how much she means to Cesc," said the pal. 

The Lebanese-born Semaan recently separated from her millionaire husband Elie Taktouk, a property tycoon with holdings in Chelsea and Kensington, London.

On Friday Daniella at first told us she and Taktouk, were divorced after 12 years of marriage.Then she said they had been separated for "a long time." The brunette insisted that Cesc, , was "just a friend." 

Later she visited the Spanish Consulate in Chelsea, where visas are issued. Fabregas and Semaan supposedly met a year ago at Japanese restaurant Nozomi, in Knightsbridge, London

They exchanged contact details and he later arranged for her to watch him captain Arsenal.
She is said to have been present at several home games last season. 

Fabregas's dad described his son's split from Carla, who is studying at Rada acting academy in London, as "a shame." 

The couple had been together for over eight years, falling in love before Cesc joined Arsenal aged 16. 

"The decision to end the relationship was more his than Carla's," he added. 

 Cesc Fabregas Tatto, the letter D inside a star, surrounded by Arabic lettering

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