Monday, July 25, 2011

Chef Rinrin Marinka : Master Chef Indonesia

This face might not already familiar, here's Chef Marinka, the only female judge who accompany Chef Vindex and Chef Juna in the Master Chef Indonesia. Honestly I prefer clay Chef Marinka than Chef Farah Quinn. Although Chef Marinka fashionable dress, her appearance is always more polite. Many have wondered (especially guys) and the average disappointed why not Chef Farah Quinn who became judge.

Pretty petite chef whose full name is Maria Irene Susanto, was born in Jakarta, March 22, 1980. Chef Marinka cooking hobby grew since elementary school. At first a variety of cuisine ingredients are mixed and processed at will, and the result?
"ROTTEN" if said Chef Juna. During 8 years in Sydney, she was accustomed to doing everything yourself. The inspiration came from magazines, cookbooks and other sources. Chef Marinka not give up easily, she continued to experiment a variety of dishes and cakes. 
"The artist, is not that satisfied baseball, will repeat again.
So also with the cooking. If baseball delicious, mending replaced. Cooking should be perfect. If not, do not be presented. "Said the chef is a graduate of Sydney.

Maria Irene Susanto or also known as the Rinrin Marinka is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney Australia with a specialty French Cuisine & Patisserie. Over the past eight years living and lecture abroad, Chef Marinka internship at the restaurant several times. With expertise in making fusion cuisine, Chef Marinka also teaches at the Pantry Magic Cooking School, in Kemang.

Apparently, this beautiful girl has piloted a program in Trans7 entitled Cooking in Paradise. Although its title is almost the same as the movie cowboys in paradise, but this event is guaranteed no porn charge at all. Chef cooking recipes Rinrin develop ideas based on what he knew of several places he had ever kunjugi. From there then created a new cuisine that is rich in flavor archipelago.

Marinka Rinrin we also know when it hosted a Dunia Laki Laki entitled in JakTV. There she also looks sexy and beautiful. Their versatility in processing the words while interviewing some authorities do not doubt. She was able to liven up and give another touch of the television program.

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