Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Farah Quinn : Indonesian Chef

Farah Farhanah Quinn was born 8 April 1980 in Bandung,  West Java. She is Model, Chef and Indonesia Celebrity.  Her childhood was like cooking. Childhood while still living in Palembang, South Sumatra, she often helped her mother in the kitchen. Farah's love in this world of cooking, bring the world to study this further. Before entering the culinary world, she was educated at Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in finance. She then started her career in the culinary field by working in Italian restaurants Lydia's Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Farah Quinn then continued her studies at the Culinary Institute of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, the United States with special expertise in the field of pastry or cakes. After graduating, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona and became head chef at the Arizona Baltimore Resort.

She’s married to Carson Quinn, an assistant manager of MercBar located in Phoenix, Arizona [USA]. Formerly, Farah Quinn was pastry chef at Camus restaurant in Phoenix.

In 2005, she had the opportunity to serve dessert for the delegation at the G-8 Sea Island, Georgia including the United States first lady, Laura Bush.

In the same year, with her husband, she founded the restaurant named Camus in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. This restaurant even included a four-star restaurant, Camus  Restaurant eventually sold because bids are given high value and Farah had been planning to break from work after giving birth. Then luckiness on their side, Trans Tv offers a cooking show in Indonesia. So the opportunity to return home immediately taken with the support of her husband who was willing to move with.

In November 2008, she guides the “Ala Chef” culinary event in Trans TV. She also expanded his career into the modeling world by becoming model for FHM magazine.

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